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PSC Researchers Attended the 35th International Geological Congress
The 35th International Geological Congress opened on Cape Town, South Africa on August 27th....
The Business Workshop for the Internatio...
The IPA Council Business Meeting was hel...
Fifth Session of Tenth Council of PSC he...
Acta Palaeontologica Sinica won
Yang Qun and Tong Jinnan won Fifth Out...
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 The CAST Opened Up the Construction Work Conference for CPC and ... [2016/09/30]
 The 15th Annual Meeting of the Society of Vertebrate Paleontolog... [2016/08/26]
 The 2016 Annual Meeting of the MSC and the CFA was Held Successf... [2016/06/28]
 PSC Members Attended the 100th Anniversary Commemorative Celebra... [2016/04/10]
 The 5th Session of the 11th PSC Council Meeting opened up on Jan... [2016/01/29]
 The 28th Annual Academic Conference of the PSC was Held Successf... [2015/08/13]
 Second Circular of PSC and PG Conference [2013/06/21]
 Joint international conference of PSC and PG [2013/03/08]
 The Special Issue [2016/09/06]
 The 7th National Congress of the Fossil Amateurs... [2016/08/22]
 The 12th Symposium on Mesozoic Terrestrial Ecosy... [2015/08/11]
 The launch of the book The history of the palaeo... [2015/02/11]
 The PSC got the congratulation letter from the I... [2013/11/15]
 Introduction onActa Palaeontogica Sinica [2013/03/08]
      The main activities of the Palaeontological Society of China include carrying out domestic and international academic exchanges and scientific visits on paleontology and relative disciplines, editing and publishing books and...
  27th Annual Conference
  Joint meeting of PSC and PG


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