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2nd Joint Conference of PSC & PalGes (Second Circular)

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2nd Joint Conference of the Palaeontological Society of China &

the Paläontologische Gesellschaft

October 10–13, 2017, Yichang, Hubei Province, China


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                   Sencond Circular (Chinese Version)

Second Circular

Following the successful 1st Joint Conference of the Palaeontological Society of China (PSC) and the Paläontologische Gesellschaft (PalGes) held in Göttingen, Germany, in September 2013, great progress has been made between China and Germany concerning palaeontology and related subjects. In order to summarise these four years of progress as well as to promote further cooperation and exchanges and to present first results, the 2nd Joint Conference will be held in Yichang City, Hubei Province, China, from October 10th to 13th, 2017.

We cordially invite you to participate in the 2nd Joint Conference of the Palaeontological Society of China and the Paläontologische Gesellschaft this year under the topic “Critical Intervals in Earth History: Palaeobiological Innovations”. We expect about 250 to 300 participants from China, Germany and German-speaking countries to join us from research institutes, universities, museums, popular educational systems as well as other organisations of palaeontology or related subjects.

The 2nd Joint Conference in Yichang will strengthen the academic exchanges for regional and global stratigraphic correlations, biodiversity variations across critical intervals, global reconstructions of palaeoenvironment and palaeogeography as well as the popular education and geological exploration for energy resources.

Hosted by:

Palaeontological Society of China (PSC)


Paläontologische Gesellschaft (PalGes)


Sponsored by:

China Association for Science and Technology (CAST)


Department of Geological Environment, Ministry of Land and Resources of the People’s Republic of China


Department of Earth Sciences, National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC)


Palaeontological Experts Committee of China


China Fossil Preservation Foundation


Bureau of Frontier Sciences and Education, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS)


Department of Land and Resources of Hubei Province



Organised by:

Nanjing Institute of Geology and Palaeontology, CAS (NIGPAS)


China University of Geosciences, Wuhan


Wuhan Centre of China Geological Survey


Geoscience Centre, Georg-August University Göttingen, Germany (GZG)


Institute of Vertebrate Paleontology and Paleoanthropology, CAS (IVPP)


Co-organised by:

State Key Lab of Palaeobiology and Stratigraphy (SKLPS)


State Key Lab of Biogeology and Environmental Geology (BGEG)


Hubei Yichang Field Observation and Research Base for Stratigraphy and Palaeontology in Three Gorges Area, Ministry of Land and Resources of PRC


Key Lab of Paleontology and Coevolution of Life and Environment, China Geological Survey


School of Earth and Space Sciences, Peking University


College of Palaeontology, Shenyang Normal University


Key Lab of vertebrate Evolution and Human Origins of CAS


Key Lab of Economic Stratigraphy and Palaeogeography of CAS


Key Lab of Evolution of Past Life in Northeast Asia, Ministry of Land and Resources of the PRC




Conference Venue:

The 2nd Joint Conference of the Palaeontological Society of China and the Paläontologische Gesellschaft will be held in Yichang City of Hubei Province. Hubei Province has fantastic historical culture and relics over 4,000 years, as well as diverse geological heritages and national geoparks. Yichang is the second largest city in Hubei Province and is one of the major cities in the Yangtze Gorges Area. This city has a variety of geological heritages, well-developed strata and famous fossil biotas, and is thus regarded as the Natural Field Geological Museum.

The typical sections and biotas range from Pre-Cambrian, Early Paleozoic, Late Paleozoic, Mesozoic and Cenozoic, including the eastern Three Gorges Sinian Section of Neoproterozoic (once studied by Prof. J. S. Lee in the 1920s), Doushantuo Biota, the Ordovician GSSPs of Dapingian and Hirnantian in Huanghuachang and Wangjiawan, the marine Permo-Triassic boundary Section in Xiakou town and the Upper Triassic to Jurassic terrestrial sequences and Xiangxi Flora in Zigui basin.

All the congress sessions and accommodations will be arranged in the Taohualing Hotel in Yichang City.



Geographical location and conference venue in Yichang City of Hubei Province




The official language of the Joint Conference will be English.


Scientific Programme (Symposia):

The topic of the conference is “Critical Intervals in Earth History: Palaeobiological Innovations” and a variety of scientific sessions and programmes will be arranged, including the following ones:


Early life Evolution


Cambrian Fossil Lagerstätten and Taphonomy


Evolution of Biodiversity and Paleoenvironment in Late Paleozoic


Permian/Triassic Transition Ecosystem


New Progress in Early Mesozoic Marine Vertebrates


New Progress in Jehol and Yanliao Biotas


Biodiversity Change and Palaeoenvironment in Triassic/Jurassic Transition


Terrestrial Ecosystem in Jurassic/Cretaceous Transition


Transition of Biodiversity and Paleoenvironment in Cenozoic


Neogene Palaeobotany and Palaeoclimate


Integrative Stratigraphy


Geobiodiversity Database, Quantitative Stratigraphy and Palaeogeography


Cyclostratigraphy and High Resolution Sequence Stratigraphy


Palaeobotany and Palynology


Microplaeontology and Its Practical Application


Palaeoecology, Palaeogeography and Palaeoclimate


Origin and Evolution of the Ancient Vertebrates and Humans


Molecular Biology




New Research Progress in Tibetan Stratigraphy and Palaeontology


Palaeontological Museums and Science Education


Fossil and Conservation


New Technology and Advanced Methods in Palaeontological Research

Detailed information on scientific sessions/symposia and conveners will be announced by July 15st, 2017




Major auditorium for opening and plenary talks etc.                        Area for poster session in the Taohualing Hotel

In the Taohualing Hotel                   



As referred to the 1st Joint Conference 2013 in Göttingen we will continue to set up Best Talk and Best Poster Award for Young Scientists (young researchers and graduate students) to encourage participation of young scientists and students. Please mark in your registration form that you like to join the evaluation for this award.

Financial Grants:

We set up special grants available to about 20 to 30 members who need financial support for attending the conference, especially young participants and graduate students from Germany and other countries. Those who are interested in applying for financial grants to attend the 2nd Joint Conference are encouraged to submit the following data:


1)  2nd Joint Conference Registration Form
) The Financial Support Application Form


3) Personal statement and CV with a list of publications


4) Abstract for the 2nd Joint Conference



1) Applicants are also encouraged to supply one or two recommendation letters from colleagues who are most familiar with the importance of his/her work.


2) The evaluation of grants will be made by both representatives from PSC and PalGes.


3) Deadline for application is July 31st, 2017. Results will be announced on August 15th, 2017.


4) Please submit the application material including Registration Form, abstract, a one-page statement and CV with a list of publications to the following address via e-mail:

Dr. JIANG Qing

Secretary of the Organising Committee, 2nd Joint Conference

Nanjing Institute of Geology and Palaeontology, CAS


Preliminary Schedule:


October 8th to 10th

Pre-conference excursions to Yichang Area (F1–F2)

October 10th


October 11th

Opening ceremony, plenary sessions, scientific sessions, poster exhibitions & conference dinner

October 12th

Scientific sessions, poster exhibitions, mid-conference excursion, visiting tour or social events

October 13th

Scientific sessions, poster presentations & closing ceremony

October 14th–18th

Post-conference excursions (F3–F7)


Field Excursions:










October 8th–10th

Yichang Area

F1  Pre-Cambrian & Cambrian Ediacaran Fauna in Yichang Area

[tour guides WAN Bin & GUAN Chengguo (NIGPAS, Nanjing)]

Charges ~200 Euro


October 8th–10th

Yichang Area

F2  Ordovician GSSPs and P/T Boundary in Yichang Area

[tour guides TONG Jinnan (China University of Geoscineces, Wuhan) & NIU Zhijun (Wuhan Centre of China Geological Survey)]

Charges ~200 Euro



October 14th–17th

Vicinity of Yichang


F3  Marine and Terrestrial Sequence of Permian-Triassic Strata and Fossils in the vicinity of Yichang

[tour guides TONG Jinnan (China University of Geosciences, Wuhan) & CHENG Long (Wuhan Centre of China Geological Survey)]

Route: Yichang – Zigui – Yichang-Wuhan

Charges 500–800 Euro


October 14th–18th

Yunnan Province


F4  Cambrian Chenjiang Biota in Yunnan Province

[tour guides ZHU Maoyan & LI Guoxiang (NIGPAS)]

Route: Yichang – Kunming – Chenjiang – Yichang

Charges 500–800 Euro


October 14th–17th

Guizhou Province

F5  Triassic Biota in Panxian and Yingyi, Guizhou Province

[tour guides SUN Yuanlin & JIANG Dayong (Beijing University)]

Route: Yichang – Guiyang – Xingyi – Panxian – Yichang

Charges 500–800 Euro


October 14th–18th

Sichuan Basin

F6  Terrestrial sequences of the Triassic and Jurassic transition and biotas from the Sichuan Basin

[tour guides WANG Yongdong (NIGPAS) & OUYANG Hui (Chongqing Natural History Museum)]

Route: Yichang – Hechuan – Dazhou – Suining– Chengdu

Charges 500–800 Euro


October 14th–18th

Western Liaoning

F7  Jurassic-Cretaceous Strata, Jehol Biota and Yanliao Biota in western Liaoning

[tour guides HU Dongyu & TIAN Ning (Shenyang Normal University)]

Route: Yichang – Shenyang – Chaoyang – Beipiao – Jianchang – Shenyang

Charges 500–800 Euro

A Field Guide Book to all the excursions will be published by Press of University of Science and Technology of China and available at the conference. Note that each excursion will accommodate up to 30 people. Any excursion less than 10 people will be cancelled!


Social Programme & Events:


During the conference some selected social events will be organized for participants and accompanying members to discover and explore the historical culture, fantastic natural geoheritages as well as colourful life in Yichang City. The charges will be around 50–100 Euro depending on different routes. The major social events may include:


1) The Yangtze River Dams Tour in Yichang City


2) The Sanyou Cave Visiting Tour in Yichang City


3) Visit of the hometown and temple of Mr. Qu Yuan in Zigui County (a great poet in Chinese history) and hometown of Ms. Wang Zhaojun in Xingshan County (one of the most beautiful women in Chinese history) in Yichang City


4) Visiting Tour to Shenlongjia National Natural Reserve Park in northern Yichang


5) One-day or half-day trip to visit two Ordovician GSSPs in Wangjiawan and Huanghuachang in Yichang City


6) One-day or half-day field trip to visit the Pre-Cambrian strata and biota in Yichang

Some social events and city tours around Yichang City




All the congress sessions and accommodations will be arranged in the Taohualing Hotel in Yichang City, a beautiful garden hotel with modern convention facilities. Hotel reservations are the responsibility of the attendees themselves but the conference secretary will help to reserve the hotel rooms for participants. Please note that the block-booked hotel rooms with economy prices in Taohualing Hotel are limited and therefore an early reservation is recommended following the first-come-first-serve principle. If the preferred hotel rooms are full, we may assign a similar hotel downtown in the city. In addition, we arranged economic hotels, including Yamada Hotel and Xiazhou Hotel with about 3–5 min walking distance to the Taohualing Hotel. Please mark your selection for hotels in the registration form.


Taohualing Hotel in Yichang



Yamada Hotel                                                     Xiazhou Hotel


Hotel suggestions:

Name and type of Hotel


(all rates are for double rooms, there are no single rooms available but as a single you can stay in a double room)


Taohualing Hotel Yichang

[for regular participants]

about 300–400 RMB Yuan

(~60 Euro) per night


Yamada Hotel Yichang

(Economy Hotel)

[for young researchers & graduate students]

about 300 RMB Yuan

(~40 Euro) per night


Xiazhou Hotel Yichang

(Economy Hotel)

[for young researchers & graduate students]

about 200 RMB Yuan

(~25 Euro) per night


Location of hotels for the 2nd Joint Conference



Double and single rooms in the Taohualing Hotel



Travel & Transportation:

The conference venue, Yichang City, is located in western Hubei Province. The Three-Gorges (Sanxia) International Airport of Yichang is about 26 km east of the city. Participants from Europe can easily reach Yichang Three-Gorges International Airport by taking a variety of flights or transfers at Beijing, Shanghai, Guanhzhou ,Chengdu and other airports in China.
    Yichang Three-Gorges International Airport is located 30 km southeast of Yichang City, about 35-40 min by car from downtown. This airport has more than 30 daily flights to other cities in China, including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Chongqing, Shenzhen, Hangzhou etc. Participants that arrived in Wuhan City may also reach Yichang by taking a train. A variety of daily trains are arriving Yichang East Train Station from Wuhan train stations.
During the 2nd Joint Conference 2017, the free shuttle bus services to and from Yichang International Airport and Yichang East Train Station will be arranged for participants.

Location of Yichang Sanxia (Three-Gorges) Airport and transportation to Yichang City


Yichang Sanxia (Three-Gorges) Airport                            Yichang East Railway Station

Conference Proceedings:

Papers of the conference will be selected to compose symposium proceedings which will be published in (details will be announced in the 3rd Circular):

1) Lecture Notes of Earth Sciences (Springer Book)

2) PalZ (peer reviewed journal published by Springer)

3) Palaeoworld (peer reviewed journal published by Elsevier)

Abstract Submission:

All participants are invited to submit abstracts regarding your research on all areas of palaeontology and related topics. The Abstract Volume will be published by the Press of University of Science and Technology of China (USTC) prior to the conference as a special volume and will be distributed to the participants.


All abstracts are up to about two or three pages (DIN A4 size), double space, 12 point Times New Roman Font, including title, author(s), institution(s), corresponding details with e-mail address of corresponding author, 4 to 6 key words, references and acknowledgement (if necessary). Abstracts are to be submitted vie e-mail to

All abstracts received will be refereed and linguistically edited. A condition of abstract submission is that, if accepted, the paper will be presented at the conference by one of the authors. For organisational purposes please indicate your intention to present this paper in a related symposium/topic either orally or by poster on the accompanying form.

Guidelines for Abstract Submission:





Abstracts must be submitted in English (using British spelling) by e-mail attachment in Microsoft Word 2003 (or higher) formats.


Please indicate if the abstract is for oral or poster presentation.


Please indicate in which symposium you would like to give the presentation.


Set last name off with a comma followed by the first name or initial, then second initial; follow this, if appropriate, with another comma. If multiple authors are from the same institution list all authors followed by address and e-mail address of corresponding author. Where multiple authors are from differing addresses, insert address following each author. Make sure all authors are capitalised. Indicate presenting author(s) by (*).


If you are a young researcher or a graduate student and will join the evaluation of Best Talk or Best Poster Award, please mark this in your abstract.

Please send your abstracts by mail to: until July 31st, 2017


Dates & Deadlines:



- Conference Circulars:

March 2017

First Circular


June 2017

Second Circular


September 2017

Third Circular

- Abstract Submission:

July 31st, 2017


- Application for Financial Grant:

July 31st, 2017 (deadline)



August 15th, 2017

(announcement of results)





Invitation and Visa:

An official invitation letter is available for participants. The invitation will be arranged by electronic versions signed by the chairman of the congress organising committee (pdf and/or jpeg files) and will be sent to participants by e-mail. The original copy can be sent to participants by air mail upon request.

For those who need the entrance visa to China for attending the conference,  the following data will be required for each of the participants:


1) Family and given names                              2) Gender (male or female)


3) Date of birth                                                  4) Title or position


5) Nationality                                                     6) Passport number and date of expiry


7) Institution and mailing address                 8) Duration of stay in China



Registration Fees:

The registration fees cover the congress material, including abstract volume, programme and souvenirs, conference dinner, conference meals and shuttle bus services to and from Yichang International Airport and Yichang East Train Station.


Regular Participant




300 Euro

200 Euro

150 Euro

*Valid student ID is required



Registration Form:

A registration form is attached to this circular


Methods of Payment:

The registration fees can be paid by the following options:

1) Bank Transfer

Name of Beneficiary: JIANG Qing

Banking Account Number: 6216 6961 0000 3214 403

Phone Number: +86 136 4517 6094

Name of Bank: Bank of China, Nanjing Zhongshan Sub-branch

Swift Address Code: BKCHCNBJ940

Bank Address: No. 1 Taipingmen Street, Nanjing, China

2) On Site Payment Upon Registration on October 10th, 2017 in Yichang



Secretariat for the Palaeontological Society of China (PSC)

Nanjing Institute of Geology and Palaeontology, CAS

No. 39 East Beijing RD, Nanjing 210008

Phone: +86 (0)25 8328 2138; Fax: +86 (0)25 8335 7026


We are looking forward to seeing you in Yichang



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